Time for Tea

Photo by Mak on Unsplash

I had an exchange with an enchanting lady today over a cup of warm floral tea, a tea that smelled like heaven and echoed its fragrance in our conversation. We spoke of land masses etched out of the ocean abroad and healing remedies found within, as well as language, culture and stages, seasons; the transitions of life, and how God is in full control and at ease with each one of us as we pass through them. It was liberating to watch her stretch out her arms in broad strokes like oil on canvas; revealing only secrets the eye of its perceiver beheld, a treasury of trails yet untraveled and roads of curiosity ahead. The light that beamed onto the corner of a table humbly positioned to acknowledge the shifting of time with dazzling recollection, each moment highlighted by the dust it kept on its old wooden surface, including evidence of paint unkept. Situationally the table itself was perfect yet the touch of life served to remind us not yet fully acknowledged. The words we exchanged seemed meaningful, ancient, as well as pungent in a tangible, yet undefended way: stories of old from Malaysia to Europe and back again to Canada then China and many others abroad and with particular interest focused on the hidden lessons and moral seasons interwoven within life and its experiences, for loved ones and strangers alike. Every experience seemed to embody something deeper than the words at hand, including observations of creation itself-poised as the grand Bengal tiger, the deep recesses of warm lava spills and the terrain of tree frogs, rice, or society embedded within rituals and reasons far beyond the surface of the eye- rather hidden intentionally; such as those hiding in language and its inflections, gestures, impositions and presumptions of some kind. So much was said beneath the surface that the aroma of Jasmine was not enough to capture its beauty and yet it was the perfect representation of it. Who knew that at the end of a moment sealed in time, I’d leave with more than one gift- from lands afar; those of generosity, humility and tradition in the form of a leaf- a traditional Chinese tea leaf, plucked tenderly from the hands of loved ones travelling before us, yet suspended for such a time as was today, a time created- tea for two- that would spill over into eternity as was planned beforehand, I suspect?